ASUS ROG G56JR - USB Charger+

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USB Charger+

USB Charger+ helps charge your USB devices compatible with
Battery Charging Version 1.1 (BC 1.1) specifications whether your
Notebook PC is powered on or off. You can decide and set the
battery threshold for stopping charging according to your needs.

With Adapter

USB Charger+ is always available on the designated USB 3.0 port
when your Notebook PC is connected with the adapter.

Without Adapter

To enable the USB Charger+

1. Click the USB Charger+ icon in the

notification area and select Settings.

2. Click Enable USB Charger function

in battery mode.

3. According to your needs, click to

enable quick charge when the
Notebook PC is powered ON or in

4. Move the slider to set the battery

charge threshold to stop the USB
Charger+ function.

• The Notebook PC stops charging your connected USB device

when the battery charge drops below your set threshold.

• The USB port that supports USB Charger+ does not support

USB device wake up function.

• If your connected device is overheated, smoking, or has

abnormal odors, remove the device immediately.

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