ASUS ROG G56JR - Touchpad usage illustrations

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Touchpad usage illustrations

Tapping - Tapping on the touchpad allows you to select items onscreen
and open files.

Clicking - Clicking on the touchpad simulates the functions of the left
mouse button and right mouse button.

Dragging and dropping - Doing the drag-and-drop action on the
touchpad allows you to move onscreen items into a new location.

Click once to select an item, then
double-click to open.

Click once to select an item and
view its menu options.

Left click

Right click


Select an item by tapping twice,
then slide the same finger without
lifting it off the touchpad.

Release your finger from the
touchpad to drop the item on its
new location.


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Notebook PC User Manual


Rotating - Rotating images clockwise/counterclockwise is done on
the touchpad using the pinch gesture.

Put two fingers on the touchpad then turn in a circular motion, either
clockwise or counterclockwise, to rotate an image.

Scrolling - Using two fingers on the touchpad, you can scroll through
lists vertically and horizontally.

To enable continuous scrolling, hold your fingers on the edge of the
touchpad when moving from up to down/left to right and vice versa.
The mouse pointer changes to a double-headed arrow pointer when
continuous scrolling is activated.

Zooming - Using two fingers on the touchpad, you can enlarge or
reduce the view size of your selected image.

Spread apart/bring together two fingers to zoom in/out.

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Notebook PC User Manual

The touchpad responds to movement not to force. There is no need
to tap the surface too hard. Tapping too hard does not increase
the responsiveness of the touchpad. The touchpad responds best
to light pressure.