ASUS ROG G56JR - Windows Wireless Network Connection

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Windows Wireless Network Connection

Connecting to a network

1. Switch ON the Wireless function if necessary for your model (see

switches in Section 3).

2. Press [FN+F2] repeatedly

until wireless LAN icon and
Bluetooth icon are shown.

Or double click the Wireless
Console icon in Windows
notification area and select the
wireless LAN icon.

3. Click the wireless network icon with an orange star

in the

Windows® Notification area.

4. Select the wireless access

point you want to connect
to from the list and click
Connect to build the

If you cannot find the
desired access point, click
the Refresh icon on
the upper right corner to
refresh and search in the
list again.

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Notebook PC User Manual

5. When connecting, you may have to enter a password.
6. After a connection has been established, the connection is

shown on the list.

7. You can see the wireless network icon

in the Notification


The crossed wireless network icon

appears when you press

<Fn> + <F2> to disable the WLAN function.

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Notebook PC User Manual