ASUS ROG G56JR - Status Indicators

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Status Indicators

Power Indicator

The power indicator lights when the Notebook PC is turned ON
and blinks slowly when the Notebook PC is in the Suspend-to-
RAM (Sleep) mode. This indicator is OFF when the Notebook PC
is turned OFF or in the Suspend-to-Disk (Hibernation) mode.

Battery Charge Indicator (dual-color)

The dual-color battery charge indicator shows the status of the
battery’s power as follows:

Green ON: Battery power is between 95% and 100% (with AC

Orange ON: Battery power is less than 95% (with AC power).

Orange Blinking: Battery power is less than 10% (without AC

Off: Battery power is between 10% and 100% (without AC

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Notebook PC User Manual

Drive Activity Indicator

Indicates that the Notebook PC is accessing one or more storage
device(s) such as the hard disk. The light flashes proportional to
the access time.

Bluetooth / Wireless Indicator

This is only applicable on models with internal Bluetooth (BT)
and built-in wireless LAN. This indicator will light to show that the
Notebook PC’s built-in Bluetooth (BT) function is activated. When
the built-in wireless LAN is enabled, this indicator will also light.
(Windows software settings are necessary.)

Capital Lock Indicator

Indicates that capital lock [Caps Lock] is activated when lighted.
Capital lock allows some of the keyboard letters to type using
capitalized letters (e.g. A, B, C). When the capital lock light is OFF,
the typed letters will be in the lower case form (e.g. a,b,c).

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Notebook PC User Manual