ASUS ROG G56JR - About This User’s Manual

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About This User’s Manual

You are reading the Notebook PC User’s Manual. This User’s Manual
provides information regarding the various components in the
Notebook PC and how to use them. The following are major sections
of this User’s Manual:

1. Introducing the Notebook PC

Introduces you to the Notebook PC and this User’s Manual.

2. Knowing the Parts

Gives you information on the Notebook PC’s components.

3. Getting Started

Gives you information on getting started with the Notebook PC.

4. Using the Notebook PC

Gives you information on using the Notebook PC’s components.

5. Appendix

Introduces you to optional accessories and gives additional

The actual bundled operating system and applications differ by
models and territories. There may be differences between your
Notebook PC and the pictures shown in this manual. Please
accept your Notebook PC as being correct.